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Providing Aerial for Home Inspection

The new way to inspect your roof.

In need of home inspection? Contact us and get a quote!

Aerial inspection includes 2D/3D map of the roof.

  • Added value to inspector, client, contractor to repair
  • Annotations included with the inspection report shared with clients
  • Annotations link to the notes about the area and zoomed in shots of imperfections
HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved Business

Licensed & Insured

We are licensed Part 107 pilots with drones registered with the FAA and ready for commercial use.

DroneWise LLC employs only licensed Part 107 pilots that are strategically picked for your specific operations. Whether your mission goal is geographic information services, fire and safety, law enforcement, inspections of any type, asset management, real estate, or any variety of construction. We've got you covered. We're the best.

DroneWise LLC has also recently obtained a night waiver.

We use Verifly drone insurance to keep you, your people, and property safe.

Covered up to $10 million liability, we communicate our flight details with Verifly and can provide you with immediate proof of insurance.

We fly a variety of missions and have our wiseguys on standby. Venture further to see what we've done.

Who's your pilot?

Is your current drone operator a licensed Part 107 pilot? If not you could be putting your business and your pilot(s) at risk. Check to see if you have the right person for the job. Search the FAA Airmen Inquiry Database now.

John/Jane Doe

Find out if your pilot is licensed.
Visit the FAA website and select "Search airmen certificate information."

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