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Corporate Drone Program

Are you considering a drone program for your business? Enterprise drone use increased by 58 percent from 2016 to 2017 — with the construction, mining, agriculture, surveying and real estate sectors leading the way. That growth continued last year, and we expect even faster growth in 2019. DroneDeploy

Start your drone program the right way instead of spending time and resources building it from scratch. DroneWise LLC's Mr. Hofflander provides training on how to develop a bullet-proof plan of adoption, selecting the right equipment, and identifying the need and purpose for your drone program. In addition to defining goals, identifying opportunities and outcomes, we cover the basics of drone flight, safety, and operation. Part 107 training is planned to take place in the Fall of 2019 through Sioux Falls Community Education. Part 107 training offered by special request.


We are licensed Part 107 pilots with drones registered with the FAA and ready for commercial use.

DroneWise LLC employs only licensed Part 107 pilots that are strategically picked for your specific operations. Whether your mission goal is geographic information services, fire and safety, law enforcement, inspections of any type, asset management, real estate, or any variety of construction. We've got you covered.

Who's your pilot?

Is your current drone operator a licensed Part 107 pilot? If not you could be putting your business and your pilot(s) at risk. Check to see if you have the right person for the job. Search the FAA Airmen Inquiry Database now.

John Doe

Find out if your pilot is licensed. Visit the FAA website and select "Search airmen certificate information."

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We use Verifly drone insurance to keep you, your people, and property safe.

Covered up to $10 million liability, we communicate our flight details with Verifly and can provide you with immediate proof of insurance.

We fly a variety of missions and have our wiseguys on standby. Venture further to see what we've done.

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Our highly skilled and licensed pilots are selected based on their backgrounds in a variety of industries and their availability to fly. When you need us, we'll be there. Give us a shout and we'll get cracking.

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